December 22, 2004


I took a trip over to the storage place the other day hoping I could rummage through some boxes. As I looked for a particular videotape, my curiosity got to me and I grabed a hand full of tapes with cryptic labels on them. What's more fun than going over to Teresa's house for a big video helping of "Cliff Senior". Turns out it was a collection of home movies from different after school activities and performances from my senior year of high school. There was the talent show, getting into the limo before prom, Honors Chorus, and many other things to fast forward through. This tape also had a selection from my chorus's christmas time "Madrigal Dinner", where this clip comes from. Have I got something for you..


To finish the night, the whole chorus files out two-by-two singing "silent night". The camera operated by one of my parents starts to pan to follow people they recognize as the chorus leaves. Then a family friend, Stephen, notices the camera.

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