December 15, 2004

recent around the single best source i could find for covering the basics of the darbuka, if i want anything better i'm going to have to go on amazon and buy it visuals for basic tonbak strokes, i can use the snap stroke with my darbuka not having rounded corners around the rim. semantics, derivations and definitions of "smart" eye glasses for bridge piercing playing with shadows mini detailed oranges how-to yay flash paper choosing and using middle eastern drums doumbek rhythms etc goblet drum page at rhythm web quick and dirty guide to doumbek rhythms a very simple set of rules for playing horseshoes proposed temporary shelters for homeless finding elongated penny machines an evolutionary explanation for the prevalence of left-handedness brief history of safes and safe breaking interview with John Baldessari - I have this much of a chance to get into UCLA and work with this guy human body parts scaled to relative size in proportion of brain area devoted to it durring certain sensory functions.