corner back piece

fork Untitled Meditation on Movement, 3.25 x 11 x 8.5 in. mixed media, fork heads, instructions, participant 2.2004

video CLICK ( lo | hi ) for video documentation. .WMV file

Instructions (transcription)
Read each numbered instruction, perform the task, then move on to the next.

1. Open the lid of the compartment fully with the two brass knobs to reveal six objects. This lid now becomes a platform.
2. Remove one of the seven objects, placing it in the center position on the platform. The tines should point toward you, the two center tines bending upwards.
3. Using the tips of your forefingers, place one on each of the center tines.
4. Slowly and evenly compress the tines to meet the platform while focusing your eyes on this area.
5. Inhale. Slowly retreat your fingers till the object is released.
6. Breathe normally. Repeat instructions 2 through 5 for each of the remaining objects.
7. Collect the objects from the pool and where they have landed.
8. Put each into it's own compartment and replace the lid.

untitled fork 2

untitled fork 1